The time to choose the freedom to be you is NOW…
Permanently break free from the patterns of not good enough, stagnation, lack, overwhelm, and isolation. Choose to step fully into your BRILLIANCE, POWER, and COURAGE!

There has never been a more significant time than “NOW to prioritize the inner work” that will CATALYZE the outer changes in your life that you most desire.

There’s a fire within you…..

You are not alone, and you are a remarkable human being. That fire…it’s an INNER KNOWING!  It’s time to see yourself as worthy and to feel nurtured, alive. When we activate our own well of wisdom and embody our truth, we tap into our own feminine wisdom. When we nurture the soul, master our power centers, we step into our highest of possibilities and magnetize the support, the resources and energy to live our destiny that fuels our fire and our joy.





 I speak from a foundation of love, education, life experience, and nurturing. My heart is open and my message is clear: it’s time to break free and stop living a life that is unhappy, draining, and unfulfilling. As a leader of “feminine mastery” teachings….

Soul Shift – Healing that changes everything.






Activate your Feminine Wisdom and Power Centers to realize your potential, authentic confidence to make impactful changes in your life that eliminates the deep disconnection

I am an intuitive voice, a guide, and a healer who is passionate about coming from a place of authenticity and transparency. My own battles with overwhelm, feeling lost and lonely, and seeking self-worth are a foundation for helping other women to tap into what they already possess: Feminine Wisdom. 

Let’s tap into that wisdom and create beautiful impactful dreams and relationships that ripple across the universe sharing your light and love in your own unique soulful way.

What My Clients Are Saying …

I have my joy back!
Doing it for myself took a lot of trust…Amy is a life saver. I have my joy back!
Lisa Althoff
dropped expectations
I have dropped expectations of others and myself. I purposefully begin each day with light and love
Pam Larson
I feel joy in my day to day life!
I feel joy in my day to day life! I am able to confidently express my true self, giving me peace and happiness. This has opened up creative talents within me I never realized I had!
Gina Steffl
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Soulful Insights from Amy’s Blog

Soulful insights to inspire you to set yourself free.

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How To Break The Burn Out Cycle Now!   Amy’s interview on Quantum Miracles- Mastery Doc Series which she walks you through a deep healing meditation that can shift trauma and guides to your inner peace…creating an energetic path for manifesting.

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