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The Worthy Women Shift

Ignite Your INNER Power and Unleash Your
True Potential

6-Week Immersion Experience
Starting December 1st!

Guided By Anne Ribley & Amy Lundberg 

Worthy Woman Shift offers a special container for up-leveling support.

Guiding women who feel a stirring to make a life shift. ~ And step into your magnificent POWER.

Bringing a fresh and transformative solution to your journey of self-growth.

We are in times of great change and rapid shift. Energy is fluctuating.

What worked before perhaps is not working now.

We are here to help navigate you through these times & rapid transitions with confidence and grace 

Your Energy is Your Guide!

More than ever before… Your Voice, Your Expression, Your Light is being called forward to embody a shift.

Connection. Belonging. Community. Personal power. Clarity. Trust. Activating inspired actions. Manifesting momentum. Meaningful impact. Worthiness flow.

These are some of the very specific energies that will be held in the container for your most desired Worthy Woman Shift.

Over the 6-week immersion, where we pool our knowledge, resources, and Light together to support you in embodying your 7 Expression Power Centers to create your Worthy Woman Shift.

In the series together, we put all of your natural energy, concentrated focus, and personal transformational power into achieving a WORTHY WOMAN SHIFT.

Your Worthy Woman Shift could be…

 Igniting a fulfilling project or a career shift that resonates deeply and creates meaningful change.

Empowering a relationship that nurtures your soul and lifts you to new heights.

 Shedding unnecessary burdens for a lighter, brighter and more radiant version of yourself

 Transforming your health and lifestyle creating a brighter you that fuels your spark and energizes your every step

Manifesting financial prosperity that aligns with your soul’s desires

Breathing life into profound purpose, adding depth, and making your existence truly significant

And the best news of all…

It does not matter the size of your Worthy Woman Shift or your area you most desire a shift.

Your growing edge is rich with worthiness to nurture your dreams.

It only matters that it is a “soul inspired” Worthy Woman Shift that when you think about it lights you up with natural excitement, infuses your body with happiness, and simply makes you feel amazing.

It’s okay if you don’t know what the clarity of your Worthy Woman Shift is right now, we will discover it together.

Not only will you find the worthiness flow and energy you need to achieve your Worthy Woman Shift, you will also receive the guided structure and compassionate clearing of any BLOCKS for your success.

By clearing chaotic energetic patterns you can attune to your higher wisdom for your own guidance and creation, creating an inner liberation that exudes joy, peace and impact.

Co-creating with your Inner-Leader, you will reveal your most worthy direction to support your most desired shift.

In that moment of synchronicity the universe will open up doors of opportunity for you. And miracles you never even thought were possible will begin to occur in your life.

Ready to live your Worthy Woman Shift? >> 

“The Top 3 Blocks STOPPING
a Deeply Desired Shift…”

Overwhelm. Confusion. Self-Doubt.

Overwhelm can paralyze desired action and clarity. Many energies are pulling at everyone right now at an accelerated rate more than ever, creating a perpetual state of confusion and self-doubt.

Any of these top BLOCKS can destroy forward momentum toward a worthy shift.

Overwhelm, Confusion, and Self-Doubt is coming from many directions today currently.

TOO many directions or paths unclear
TOO many things to fix
TOO many problems that need to be solved
TOO many “energy depletions” invading

When any of these blocks are present then Resistance follows.

Resistance is that heavy blanket of fear, doubt and limiting beliefs that keeps you from moving forward and honoring yourself.

Resistance creates feeling of being “stuck”.

 Let the Worthy Woman Shift hold a container of HOPE & Possibility for You!

No matter how “stuck”, overwhelmed, doubtful or fearful you may feel about your future, it’s time for you step into all your Soul Power  that is strong, vibrant, and unshakeable. 

You can “shift” with meaning and momentum.

You can feel the liberation of trust fueling you.

Together, we are going to dismantle self-doubt, confusion, overwhelm, and resistance.

We will help you cross the bridge from a life of “have to… chaos, loss of direction, or uncertainty  to a shift that embodies, peace, purpose, joy and prosperity.

Ready to say YES to your Worthy Woman Shift?

“The Real Truth About You Claiming Your WORTHY WOMAN SHIFT … ”

The old ways are no longer working.
The paradigm has changed.

Now is the time more than ever a change is being called forward…a real SHIFT is being asked of you.

You have 7 Expression Power Centers connected to your inner light and deep sense of worthiness.

A deep sense of worthiness must be driven by a deep-felt inspired desire. And most of all, it must be rooted and grounded with unshakable direction and hope.

You must hold onto hope tightly even when life seems like all it is doing is throwing confusion and chaos in your direction. You can make the powerful shift with momentum of the stirring of your soul to regain your light and step into the magnificent power of that light that holds worlds to unlock.

Together, we will help you fuel your inner trust, hope, and direction in a way that gives you ease and grace.

    Your Worthy Woman Mantra… “I am blessed in my YES!” 

    “Worthy Woman Shift is For Someone Just Like You!”


    What Exactly Is The Worthy Woman Shift?

    The Worthy Woman Shift  is a powerful program dedicated to helping you embody your 7 Expression Power Centers to release all the layers of unworthiness, guilt, shame, doubt, and uncertainty.

    Expression Power #1: FOUNDATION

    Activating the root of your foundation expression will support you in feeling secure to step into the shift you desire, empowering you to trust yourself and have the inner confidence to speak your life forward…unlocking the expression of foundation to root yourself in!

    Expression Power #2: DESIRE

    Activating your desires allows you to bring forth the LIGHT of your needs to honor you, and your dreams. Support you and your desires. Nourish you and your creativity.

    Expression Power #3: Full POWER

    Unlock your full POWER. Reclaim your boundaries. Release the energy blocks creating resistance from putting your true self into the world. Allowing in grace when at your growing edge.

    Expression Power #4: CONNECTION

    Connect to the self-honoring, self-love expression code. Stepping into your honest heart and connecting to new commitments will create new rhythms. You will self-endorse your own permission to have radical joy filled with heart-centered worthiness.

    Expression Power #5: VOICE

    Uncover your soul’s voice. Connect to your intuitive source of guidance for empowerment. Express yourself with confidence and strength, knowing your words are speaking from your deepest truth.

    Expression Power #6: WISDOM

    Awaken your Inner Leader filled with wisdom to co-create with the Divine. Reveal your most worthy direction to support you. Shed self-doubt, criticism, and judgment to trust your wisdom to lead the way.

    Expression Power #7: WORTHY WOMAN FLOW

    Awaken within you the gifts of clear certainty. Living the full embodiment of a Worthy Woman with faith in yourself, and a higher power at work in your life. Activating the Worthy Woman Shift.

    We will help you personally step into your inner fire filled with passion to catalyze your deeply desired worthy shift…

    Creating positive meaningful impact!

    Activating your 7 Expression Power centers roots a worthy woman shift in your life.

    Inside the sessions you will ACTIVATE and ANCHOR your Worthy Woman Shift.

    How Will This Program Benefit Your Own Life?

    Not only will you learn how to tap into your own magnificent power, you will…


    • Re-Connect Your Dreams
    • Reset Your Body
    • Reclaim Your Freedom
    • Release ALL Self-Doubt
    • ReKindle Your Light Brighter
    • Recommit to Your Worthiness

    80% Off Black Friday Special

    What Will You Actually Get?

    Now that we’ve dived into what the Worthy Woman Shift is and profound effect it will have on your own life, let’s go over what’s actually included inside the program.

    Here’s exactly what you will get during Worthy Woman Shift...

    Together, we walk the way of Worthy Woman Shift 

    Set into sessions to activate worthiness in every part of your being.  Overcome your fears. Fuel inspiration. Eliminate worthiness blocks and draining energy patterns. Sharpen your clarity. Raise your energy frequency. Most importantly, live with sense purpose and embody your worthy expression to propel you forward for a Worthy Woman Shift.

    You’ll receive life purpose soul assessment, worthiness assessment and power expression assessment so we can guide you specifically for what your Worthy Woman shift needs. These will help you begin the process of expressing strong and steady momentum towards shift. This way you don’t have to second-guess what you’ll need to be doing. You will receive all the instructions, guidance, encouragement to take the inspired actions you need in create the impact you desire.


    You will receive your very own private energy healing session to shift your deep rooted blocks or contracts holding you back from living fully in your worthiness. 


    Here’s your worthy woman sessions:

       Worthy Woman Expression:


    Discover the strongest and weakest structures in your foundation. Nourish your intentional roots to step firmly forward with purpose.

    Welcome Package delivered to your email 

    • Life Purpose Soul Assessment
    • Worthiness Assessment
    • Power Expression Assessment

     Shift #1 Session Starts 

     Friday, December 1st, 2023

    Activating your Foundation Expression code supports you in feeling safe to step into your Desires.

    Worthy Woman Expression:


    Unleashing your authentic voice to speak with power and truth in full worthiness. Expressing yourself with ease and certainty.

    You’ll pinpoint your primary defense that holds you back and let it go thus Embodying your power with purpose love, and joy.

    Allowing a fresh and transformative solution to your journey of self-worth.

    This is your self-honoring, self-expression code, which allows you

    to speak your truth.

    Worthy Woman Expression:


    Bridging the “whole” you for the break-through that heals. Connecting the steps, goals, and intention to breathe vitality into your worthy heart. 

    Fostering a strong connection with your authentic self to create intentionality that nourishes your self worth to achieve clear intentions that excites you.

    To step forward confidently into your Inner Leader – a life reflective of your worth and wisdom.

    You will be tapping into your Inner Leader and intuition become clearer as the fire within is stoked, and giving breathing room to step forward with conviction.

    Worthy Woman Expression:


    Embodying the flow of your worthiness with purpose and creating the impact you desire.   
    Stepping into your true potential by recognizing your intrinsic worthiness.

    Aligning with your purpose to support your personal worthy journey.

    Living your gifts of clear certainty, flow, faith in yourself, and a higher power at work in your life for your  best Worthy Woman Flow.

    Manifest Your Soul Inspired Goal With Ease and Grace.

    Get support and help to build a solid foundational success plan for your soul inspired goal.

    You will…

    … feel the foundational security of being supported and nurtured with the clarity that you deeply desire to move your soul-inspired worthy shift to life.

    You will…

    …get clear with your 7 Power Expression Centers to help carry you with the energy you need to shift with ease and grace.

    You will…

    …unlock your true power source inside with the insights and inspiration to make a worthy woman shift — truly reachable.

    Worthy Woman Shift Black Friday Special!

    What to Expect:

     The Worthy Woman Shift 6 Week Transformational Program…

    6 Weeks of Incredible Support for Your Worthy Woman Shift

            Worthy Woman Shift Recorded Sessions given to you weekly

    Inside Your Worthy Woman Shift Black Friday Special

    ➡️ 8 Powerful Shift Sessions for 7 Power Expression Centers

    ➡️ Guided Worthy Woman Shift Coursework

    ➡️ Worthy Woman Shift Workbook PDF Download

    ➡️ Worthiness Assessment will reveal the core blockages in your worthiness, life expression, keeping you from living the life of your heart-inspired dreams.

    ➡️  Expression Assessment help you see where your expression energy is blocked. Unlocking a deeper worthy woman shift with your 7 core energy expression centers.

    ➡️ BONUS -Private 1:1 Energy Healing Session!

    ➡️ BONUS – Personal LifePurpose Profile Assessment to connect you to your true purpose. This soulful assessment will uncover your Soul Quality that expresses the unique True essence of your light, love, and life purpose.

    Most importantly, You Will Have Your Needed Worthy Woman Shift!

    ~Guiding women who feel inner light has dimmed and reignite radiant essence 

    ~Guiding women to claim their light, embodying brilliance and authenticity

    ~Guiding women who know they are ready to shine brighter

    ~Guiding women who feel a deep internal calling to make a life shift

     ~Guiding women to recapture and step into your magnificent power of light confidently


    FULL PRICE $2997.00

    HUGE SAVINGS $2500.00

    TODAY ONLY $497.00 


    Energy Medicine Practitioner | Life Mastery Transformational Coach | Author | Media Personality

    As Amy Lundberg was approaching 40, running her coaching business, and raising 4 children, she became emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed and very lonely aka BURNED OUT and no amount of self-help books, workshops, conferences, yoga and green smoothies fully kicked it. She felt like her soul was quietly drowning.

    She went on a transformational journey that connected her back to her soul purpose, allowing her to fill in the invisible puzzle pieces, and confidently re-claim her joy.

    A graduate of the Rhys Thomas Energy Medicine Institute, along with 20 years of coaching experience, Amy developed her signature approach by combining energy medicine, soul profile readings and chakras to help women who have a yearning for “something more” calling them forward, an urge to liberate themselves from the curse of “not enough” and the myth of “hard work pays off,” to release inner resistance and create impactful shifts to have purposeful meaning in their lives.

    Amy is the author of the e-book, Self Care Before Sit Ups, and co-author of Wake Up Women: Be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy. She co-hosted the health talk radio show, Living Your Personal Best, produced the weekly television segment, Fitness Tips, for a local TV station/show, has shared the virtual stage with Dr. Bruce Lipton and Jack Canfield, and been quoted in the LA Times. Amy lives in Detroit Lakes, MN with her loving husband and 4 children.

    Writer | Speaker | Seeker | Podcaster

    Anne Ribley aims to inspire transformation for those seeking an empowered life.

    Her unique perspective has been shaped by her own personal journey overcoming life’s adversities: at the age of two, she was run over by a riding lawn mower. This mutilated her right leg and meant much of her childhood was spent undergoing painful surgeries and lengthy rehabilitations.

    Yet what could have proved a tragic event instead become a source of inspiration to Anne, and everyone she encounters.

    By her early twenties, Anne was writing and publishing her own health and lifestyle newspaper that attracted a paid annual circulation of over a million readers.

    Since then, Anne has helped thousands of people create a more soulful connection with themselves and manifest abundance in their lives through teaching how rituals and systems are the key to creating miraculous change. She runs many successful courses and teleseminars.

    She is also working on multiple endeavors to help others empower “soul stamina”. Other ventures for Anne include writing books, movies, and multimedia inspiration and transformational experiences.