About Amy

I’m Amy and I absolutely adore what I do.

I hesitate to even call it “work” sometimes, because it is much deeper and more meaningful than what that word tends to describe. As I am 50 now, my journey has shifted from what it was in my 30s and 40s. Back then, I was striving, pushing, and never feeling like I was succeeding.

My business was failing, no matter how many new things I tried, how much business coaching I received, how much I immersed myself in life coaching, self-help books, business books, yoga….nothing was fixing what the real problem was.

Everything was drying up and in the process, so was I.

I was doing a great job being a mom to raising four wonderful children and I was (and still am) married to a loving husband.

But, I see clearly now through life experience, education, conscious living, and just daily interactions with others that no amount of striving, pushing, or even accolades will be the “fix” when it comes to genuine happiness. 

What I have found to be true is if the goal is always outside yourself and the accomplishment as well it will leave you feeling defeated, unfulfilled and empty. Can you relate?

I felt I was going through the motions of life. I did “all the things,” but I ended up feeling so lonely and embarrassed, shameful, definitely unworthy, therefore I didn’t feel smart nor good enough. I didn’t know that (what was going on was) my soul was drowning, drifting further and further away;the harder I pushed, strived, and forced, the further away I felt from my true self. 

The gap was widening! 

I just kept sweeping everything under the rug, which then started to affect my health, relationships, especially finances (since money is energy), family, and career. I knew something was missing and was frustrated that I could not find the answer. It was then that I started to realize that nothing was going to change within me by trying to fix it from ‘out there’ ; I felt guided to look outside the box. 

That is when I stumbled upon energy medicine, the chakras and soul profiles.

This  energy system we all possess is within us as factually as our bones and blood. 

This fascinated me! This healed me! This gave me back my life!

I learned that I had energy leaks and blocks within my chakras that were creating this cycle of burnout, unfullment, and a sense of failure that drove deep unhappiness.

I realized I was disconnected from my soulful self and this led me tapping into my own feminine wisdom. It was right there that I made a commitment to bust through and discover who I truly am as “whole”…it’s an inside job…tapping into your energy field!

I wanted to live my life full of energy, joy, happiness, and in ways that were authentically me. Working on my energy system was the missing piece to reconnecting my body, mind, spirit and deepening my relationship with myself. 

My eyes opened and I could finally see through this new lens of the soul. 


This is work that only 1% of the population does and I felt so blessed and grateful that I stumbled upon this new frontier of medicine and holistic way to heal, to love, and feel true authentic peace, joy, and happiness in all areas of my life. 

Now I want to share this with YOU. 

I created a business that I absolutely love, love, love, coaching other people. I now have the freedom to make my own schedule, which is really important. Freedom is one of my core values. We now go on family trips to fun locations. I have an income that contributes to the family. We’ve been able to pay off our house, buy our three children each a car, and shift out of that scarcity and survival mode of life. Huge, huge, huge! 

 The biggest thing that I embodied is to feel worthy and that I am enough, not just mentally thinking it, not just physically trying to strive for it to prove myself. I learned to trust myself and not live in fear or absolute control, but live from faith and action

And that’s my story of how I moved from personal training, to emotionally eating coaching, to life coaching, to nutritional endocrinology coaching to now energy medicine practitioner and life mastery coaching

Today I spend my time helping many women, many of whom have come to me and say, after 20 years of counseling and psychiatry work, they have made more progress in just a few sessions with the energy work than they have done in years and hours and hours of counseling. That’s how magical, magnificent, powerful these chakras are that we have within us. 

That is this new frontier into Western medicine that we are just starting to scientifically research, but has always been there for everyone to know about for more than 3,000 years. 

Science is just now catching up to it and I’m so happy to be right in the driver’s seat of leading and helping people understand their chakras and shifting their lives, unleashing themselves into being their best, liberated, joyful, happy, soul inspired self. 

If this is speaking to you, touching your heart, touching that quiet voice within to reach out…then follow that nudge with everything you got and lets connect! To chat click below for a Soul Connection Conversation.