I speak from a foundation of love, education, life experience, and nurturing.

My heart is open and my message is clear: it’s time to break free and stop living a life that is unhappy, draining, and unfulfilling. As a leader of “feminine mastery” teachings, I work to support others in ways that tailor to their personality and needs, while sharing valuable tools and techniques that can be easily applied in order to achieve real results.

My style is engaging, high energy, and intuitive, with a keen focus on my audience. I bring humor, extensive training, and myriad methods to the table and I’, able to share these in a manner that speaks to all.

By hearing my story and message, audiences learn that there’s more to life than a list of “have to’s” and that healing is actually possible.

A life that feels genuine and happy is possible and my presentations will leave listeners inspired to start tapping into wisdom that they hold inside of them. It’s time to unearth the greatness and leave behind that which doesn’t serve us.