Quantum Group Healing

Open To Wisdom Healing

Rekindle your SPIRITUAL connection.

Introducing my brand-new monthly Gathering For The Soul. In this month’s extraordinary session, we will ignite the power of our crown, our divine 7th chakra.

This sacred energy center serves as a direct portal to the very essence of our being, allowing us to forge an intimate bond with our innermost self.

Amidst the turmoil that engulfs our world, there exists a prevailing epidemic of dormant crowns and hearts barricaded from love. However, the tides are turning, as more individuals like yourself embrace the transformative journey of energy work, unearthing the hidden treasures within.

Come join this month’s Community Group Healing where we will be doing a healing on Opening To Our Wisdom

This is a VIRTUAL Group Healing that will take place once per month.  Each month will be a different type of healing.  This month’s healing is Opening To Wisdom. The group healing will be recorded and sent to you.

  • This month’s group healing takes place on November 13th, 2023.
  • 7:00PM – 8:00PM CST
  • The healing will take place on ZOOM.  After you register information on the ZOOM details will be emailed to you.
  • Cost $47 per group healing


Amy Lundberg
Wisdom Leader
Multi Dimensional Healer
Life Mastery Coach

Amy has developed her signature approach by combining energy medicine, soul profile readings and chakras to help women who have a yearning for “something more” calling them forward, an urge to liberate themselves from their cocoon of their old self. Guiding women to trust their Inner Knowing and to fearlessly step into the unknown… towards their passions. She creates an inspirational healing space to guide women to make the LEAP their Soul is calling them towards.

Amplified Energy

Join LIVE or listen to the recording on your own time, as often as you like.

Guided Meditation

Each session kicks off with a grounding meditation, setting the stage for meaningful change.


Community Sharing

A safe space to process your experiences and ask questions.


Join LIVE or listen to the recording on your own time, as often as you like.

Affordable Transformation

All the benefits of an intimate healing session for just $47.