Are you ready to START each day FEELING FULLY RESTED?

Are you ready to experience refreshing calmness & endless energy that sticks with you even as day turns to night?

If you answered with a resounding “YES”…then you are ready to shift towards a holistic supportive approach that fills the GAP between what you want, and what conventional medicine offers!

tired women with scarfDo any of these scenarios feel all too familiar?

  • Find yourself feeling constantly stressed out & wiped out?
  • Feel too young to feel so old?
  • Are you confused by all the conflicting health information swirling around?
  • Is your inner voice being drowned out by the grind of daily life?
  • Your lab tests look good, but you just don’t feel well?
  • You are being prescribed medications and dietary advice but find yourself craving sugar, feeling frustrated and overall just not being heard?

If you are looking to take control of your health, find a weight loss mentor or create a nourishing network of like-minded people who can motivate you — like your friends, family and social network simply cannot — then you have come to the right place!


You are now connected to someone who can connect the dots between thoughts, feelings, body, digestion and behavior to help you find the root cause so that you can: fully recharge your energy stores, reclaim balanced hormones and live with ease as you handle the emotional and mental peaks and valleys of life.

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[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”650px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#b74a02″]“A calm and undisturbed MIND AND HEART are the life and health of the BODY.” Proverbs 14:30[/dropshadowbox]

Introducing Take 10: 10 Simple Steps, 10 Minutes a Day

Go from exhausted to energized; an e-course designed for women just like you!

Incorporating Nourishing Practices to Feed Body & Soul with Gentle Movement, Mind Body Nutrition, Divine Stillness and Happiness to Cultivate Vibrant Health and an Inner Glow! Taking care of yourself is the essential “peace” for you to take loving care of what matters most to you! Photo Shoot-2012 053 And if not, what is the price you are willing to pay? Wouldn’t you like to do what matter most to you with a calm focus, an inner peace and with a joyful heart? Rather than the mental chatter, chaos and daily grind as a constant in our life that eats at your heart and mind. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to learn the tools to put our bodies, minds and emotions in a relaxed state so you can feel younger, glowing and confident in your choices again! I help loving women with beautifully big hearts and strong desires to do great things that their souls are calling them to do with specific nourishing practices that lift their energy and skyrocket their health to do that work that otherwise depletes them!” 10/10 has its roots in ancient Greece and their concept of looking at a person’s diet, rest and happiness to cure what is ailing them.tired woman pouring coffee Life is a is a great journey, but at times, it can leave us feeling overwhelmed , depleted, and difficult to take the positive steps needed to nourish ourselves and accomplish our goals. As our lives become more dense due to the addition of family responsibilities, children, work, carpooling and endless activities, it can feel overwhelming to take care of oneself and make positive health decisions when we are short on time, energy and supportive comments. Photo Shoot-2012023_croppedMy mission is to inspire you, validate you and educate you to live life full of energy and vibrant health so you can take inspired action to do and accomplish what speaks to you and GO FOR IT…without depleting your heart, mind and soul! I am passionate about what I do. That has allowed me to help hundreds of women, just like you, achieve valuable health gains and endless energy so they can ENJOY the business of doing life. But empowerment, knowledge isn’t enough, SUPPORT is the ignition switch. Can you do that alone? If you can, great! If past results show otherwise, than allow yourself to be supported, allow yourself permission to ignite the switch and take this path that leads to a PERSONALIZED action plan with loving support and guidance! Imagine yourself nourished, re-charged, and ready to face each day with endless energy, peaceful calm and a defined path to joy, health and resounding weight loss. If you’d prefer to start out by getting your feet wet, I invite you to click here to begin with the free e-course, Take Ten: 10 Simple Steps, 10 Minutes a Day (10/10), designed to cultivate Nourishing Practices that help you get quality movement, nutrition, rest, sleep, and play. With 10/10, I share with you simple strategies in small increments of time that make significant shifts. When put in place, they make leaps forward in our health, actions and confidence in your transformation. [dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”550px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#FABD3B” ]

  1. Carol shared that with just one 2-minute strategy, she had energy left from her work day to enjoy her evenings again with her husband and grandchildren!
  2. Jane shared that her prescribed 10-minute exercise routine was the best fit for her lifestyle. She no longer feels guilty for not doing more because she understands that by doing more was depleting her energy stores! She now is waking up well rested and not using the weekends to catch up on sleep.
  3. Kristy shared that with this one simple tweak in her morning ritual, set her up to sleep better at nights! [/dropshadowbox]

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[/dropshadowbox] Photo Shoot-2012 021 You will immediately receive Take Ten: 10 Simple Steps, 10 Minutes a Day (10/10) Take this journey with me and I can give you the courage and grace: power and space to be happy, healthy and wise! I can’t wait to meet and help you in your journey to good health, inner peace and joy. Joyful healthy regards, Amy Lundberg P.S. If you have a strong pull in your heart and quiet voice that is asking for connection, support and wise healing then I suggest for you to click here for a Free Discovery Session, and lets have a meaningful conversation that reignites you! [dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”650px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#b74a02″ ]I was surprised of the in depth process that occurred during our first session. Diet and exercise was discussed as I expected but also my sleep patterns and stress levels. The possible cause of the underlying issues and all aspects of human condition were discussed, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Amy was thoughtful, a good listener and highly intuitive to the possible emotional or spiritual level of care that may need to be addressed or tweaked. I recommend this process to healing as all aspects are approached within the guidance of Amy’s care. Thank you Amy!!! ~Vicki Tate[/dropshadowbox] [dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”650px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#b74a02″ ]What surprised me about our discovery session was how understanding and knowledgeable Amy is! She is the first trainer/counselor that I have spoken with that understands about emotional eating, rather than just dieting and losing weight. In my first free session I learned so much! Amy’s business consists more of coaching on real issues dealing with people who have been on the diet roller-coaster. I would recommend her to anyone struggling in these areas. ~Beth Murphy[/dropshadowbox] P.S.S Don’t waste another minute…When you’re feeling overwhelmed and overtired, one minute can easily turn into never. But if you have an honest desire to work within to heal your body, calm your mind, find your heart and nourish your soul so you can live a life of abundant energy, vitality and joy… you don’t have to wait anymore. Your Complimentary “Reignite Your Inner Spark” Discovery Session is available to you today!