One of my biggest lessons…

One of the most beautiful, challenging, and important lessons of this inner journey, (I didn’t realize I was going to be on, I thought I was going to school to learn about Soul Profiles and Chakras, not the deepest personal transformational energetic work known in the USA) has been to learn how to practice the ability to own and manage my energy. ⠀


Not owning my own energy took me into several burnouts, feeling physically and mentally fatigued, feeling separated from my willpower, looping in my ‘poor me’ wanting to be rescued dependency, and weak in trusting myself. Creating my own self-defeating loop of unworthiness and unnecessary suffering.⠀⠀


I needed to hit my head in the wall several times to really understand the importance of taking responsibility to every day hold my own energy clear, grounded, and aligned with my higher self and the highest God Source.

In my 9-month-chakra-journey with a beautiful soul-group of women, we upgraded our chakras, released the strongest vows that held us back and kept us in the blind, and stepped fully into our Soul Energy every day. Using meditations, energy healings, shadow work, sound baths, and much more on how to ground, clear, and how to get to know our own energy.

So essential on our journey to inner growth, balance, and freedom.

We have 12 energy bodies that directly affect our material reality on earth.

The first 4 are the most important ones to get to know and to clear daily. 

  • 1st Our physical energy body
  • 2nd Our emotional energy body
  • 3rd Our mental energy body
  • 4th Our spiritual energy body

A strong connection with your energy bodies together with really understanding how to ground your own unique energy and not take in others’ energies can create ALL the difference in our lives.

No more burnout, no more feelings of unworthiness, and no more internal suffering from anxiety, melancholy, depression etc.

For me, it has become like brushing my teeth morning and evening. A big MUST to feel good and clean and maintain that feeling.

What a journey we are on…

Wow! So many shifts, and rebirths…