True Joy Comes From Being Present In Every Moment Not Just When Things Are Going Your Way.” Phil Jackson

How many times have you heard “Stay fully present”…“Be Present?” This is at the heart of many mystical disciplines.

While working with my own Spiritual Teacher to deepen my practice, I find this is not easy.

Life really does slow down, but once it picks back up, I personally feel all the work of “being present” goes out the window and I’m back into reaction mode.

I wind up living from my habitual thinking, emotions, reactions, and deep unconscious childhood beliefs (some I have of course yet to discover).

We are literally programmed to reject peace. Let me explain.

The Limbic lobe in our brain is buried deep under the cortex, and its structures are involved in many of our emotions and motivations, particularly those that are related to survival such as fear and anger.

So, it’s not a far reach to say most of the world is in survival mode – and our nervous and endocrine systems often put us on the biggest rollercoaster ride of our lives.

We try to strategize our way out, but here’s the thing…we as a society place great importance on our intellect, but our intellect cannot get to this place called “NOW.” Our Intellect is looking at past experiences, or future “what ifs.”

Only a SOUL can travel to the NOW. So, it may sound easy to “just detach and get on with life,” but there is nothing easy about it.

We live and react from our past and we hold onto it all – the hurts, the unfairness, the judgments, the pride, the self pity, the traumas… it’s like ‘carrying credit card debt that incurs an ever-increasing interest rate’ (as best said by Carolyn Myss).

What I have experienced myself and with my soul sisters is that it’s easier to stay in the past than in the present, because it seems more emotionally and psychically “real” than the now.

An excerpt from and article written by Carolyn Myss states:“It is not that you forget your past. Being in the present more fully than in your past represents where you position your creative power and your primary identity. A time that has come and gone continues to overshadow the present moment.

​From the broken heart comes a heart that can recognize and identify with the pain of others. A wound such as that must not be wasted or buried in self-pity, but brought into the light and examined, reflected upon, and used as a lens through which the lives of others are better understood. Such a choice liberates you from the gravity field of a wounded past, which can hold you hostage to unresolved memories and traumas for decades. The consciousness of present time allows you to keep your memories, but they can no longer hold you hostage, so they can no longer drain you of your energy, which inevitably drains you of your health.”

Carolyn Myss​

So, how can one practice “staying fully present to gain inner peace?”

  1. Be in touch with your feelings.
    – Periodically throughout the day acknowledge what you’re feeling? If you can’t put it into words…take time to just feel your feelings. Breathe. This gets you out of your head and into your body. When you are in your body, you are being present. Accept the feeling without judgment. (Judgment would be a thought. 🙂 )
  2. Then, see if you can discover what the preceding thought was before you felt the sensation in your body.
    – Where is your energy at? Your thoughts? Your Attention?
    – Watch the pattern. Notice if these themes come up: Blame, Deserve, Guilt, Fault, – this will help you discover how habitual those thoughts are and get you ready to release them.
    – You will notice that once you let go of those thoughts it will be difficult to fall into negative emotional patterns. Therefore allowing yourself to slip gently like a soft mist on a cloudy day into peace.
  3. Connect to your senses to release habitual past or future thoughts.
    – You at this very moment are safe. Do you at this very moment have a roof over your head, food in your fridge, and all your actual needs are taken care of at this moment? Breathe that in. Think that thought now… and now and now and now….feel the that feeling of being safe and your basic needs are met right now.
  4. Lose the “worry pattern.”
    – From your Soul’s perspective extreme emotions pull you out of your alignment to your connection with God of your understanding. It causes an interference in our system which makes it harder for your inner wisdom and Light to pour into your energy bodies.
  5. Ask yourself, “What am I doing to interfere with my peace?”
    – Clear your mind of what we don’t know – it robs you of your inner peace. Too much intensity in emotions increases the stress levels that decrease the immune system. Your emotions can’t tell the difference between your mind, imagination, and what is actually happening in the NOW. Come back to the breath and release the thought that pulled you away.
  6. Handle everything with calm, unconditional love and internal peace.
  7. Being in the NOW creates your PEACE…have faith and breathe it in.