Does anyone relate to coming home after a long day of work, you find yourself walking through your door down the hallway to the kitchen, and pouring yourself a glass of your favorite wine?

You then proceed to find a comfy spot in your home or yard to kick back and chill.

You may relate to that feeling that wine can give; that warm, relaxed, calm effect….comfort. I know I do.

But for some, it is much more than that.

For many women, such as a recent client it’s an escape and numbing out mechanism. Escaping from…

feelings of uncertainty of the future
lack of control of not knowing what to expect
the judgment felt from others
overwhelm, shame, fear
and not having a plan to look forward to something
Living day to day, at times hanging by a thread. Feeling like a failure and falling.

This slowly chipping away at your self-confidence, talents, independence, and being a contribution to society, family, and career.

Can you relate?

Wine, for many, becomes a crutch and not always in a “problem drinker” way, but wine can be a method to numb out to check out; you enter the slow deep dive into the abyss you initially used wine to escape from!

This creates a bigger gap of disconnection from  soul, from purpose, from self. That “easy feeling” gets replaced with feeling lost and sometimes isolated, drained, and exhausted.

There is a way to change out of the yoga pants, put down that wine glass, and step into a new life that gives you the stillness you crave and the inner liberation that brings you joy and peace!

Knowing you deserve better for yourself.


Creating a container of deep nourishment that reaches to the cells of your BEING. That’s where I come in; I help women cross that bridge from that lonely, unfulfilled, unhappy stagnation to walking a path of real joy and inner liberation.

This comes from tapping into what already lives inside of you: feminine wisdom and personal power.

It’s already there, inside of each of us, and sorry, it’s not inside of a wine glass. That temporary fix will only get you so far and pretty soon all you have is an empty bottle and endless nights of disrupted sleep that block you from getting anywhere.

Are you ready to experience a catalyst to healing, to growth, and a way to “go there,” deep into yourself (instead of a bottle), and create the largest harmonious life possible?

As your guide and together, we can go beyond the glass and into the realm of genuine happiness and connection.

To set yourself free from the chains of despair and fear of uncertainty and towards inner peace, happiness, worthiness to be who truly are meant to be with joy and purpose as your anchor.

Creating openings for a limited number of women who are serious and want to create a positive meaningful impact in their life that not only shifts them into more conscious loving powerhouses, but their inner work builds their frequency up so that it DOES create a positive impact in their outer world too!

I am creating a deep nourishing container for a small select number of women this season for a life-changing opportunity to work directly with me. This is for women who are ready to find their own inner compass of TRUTH, to build an intimate profound relationship with their own INNER LIGHT nurturing that connection and relationship with YOU.

Realizing your vision that catalyzes a deep sense of worthiness and creates an epic soul shift that opens the path to your own truth and the actualization of that vision.

Fill out the questionnaire here to qualify and explore whether this is right for you. Whether we decide to work together or not you will receive divine guidance for your next steps.