Soul Shift Discovery Questionnaire

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for taking the courage to step into this energy!

I know you may not have a lot of time right now and I know you might be running low on bars
(*running on empty, *feeling drained) with no time for a recharge, so if you took the time to click here, well done.
Not only do you need to be right here BUT you’re learning to trust your intuition and get out of your own way. 

Before we go any further, let’s see where you are at on the Burnout Scale. Take a look at the examples below and grade them between 1 and 10, based on how true they feel for you. 

You’re constantly juggling and you fear that if you drop one ball, everything will fall apart

1          2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9          10

You’ve turned that hamster wheel into your treadmill and you’ve no idea how to get off it

1          2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9          10

You’re forcing yourself to do things on a daily basis and just going through the motions

1          2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9          10

You feel off balance, isolated and disconnected but you can’t find a source to connect to

1          2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9          10

You second guess yourself and always take the option that works for everyone else

1          2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9          10

You feel constantly drained and unable to fully recharge 

1          2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9          10

You feel unfulfilled no matter what you do or how successful you are

1          2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9          10

You know there is something missing and if only you could find it, your life would change 

1          2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9          10

You can feel there is something amazing inside of you but you just can’t grasp it

1          2         3         4         5         6         7         8         9          10

OK, now that you’ve marked those between 1-10, add the numbers together for a total score and make a note of it because we’re coming back to it shortly. 

As you read this, I want you to know that I’m addressing your primal and powerful soul. It has boundless promise and my guess is, you don’t recognize your own power, even though it’s something you were born with. The reason you can’t identify it is because it’s cloaked… and it has been for a very long time. 

This cloak was made from the threads of your childhood and it was sewn together at a time when you were at your most vulnerable, most open and felt you couldn’t be who you truly felt to be loved, accepted and heard.

As each day rolled by, your power and your brilliance diminished until eventually it was forgotten, but I promise you, it is not lost.

You just created an energetic path away from your true self…your soul. 

It’s there…just waiting for you to reconnect. 

I’m here to be that bridge for reconnection. That bridge that guides you back to your freedom, power, authenticity and wisdom. 

We uncloak the energetic blocks of long forgotten passion, blocked sense of deserving, blocked self-belief, blocked empowerment …releasing the  invisible energetic resistance and connecting deeply within, using tools that deliver you back to your true and highest self.  

This process is about you tapping into your soul. That positive, purposeful, powerful, presence that is longing to be free. 

As you start releasing the unconscious vows you made, the space is cleared for possibility and creating a field of synchronicity 

As you let go of your inner resistance, your inner wisdom resumes its rightful place and you open yourself up to receive endless flow of abundance, peace, prosperity

As you liberate your soul, you free the full force of your god given power and navigate intuitively and confidently through life’s challenges creating more meaning in your life

As you start feeling empowered  from within you embody a soul inspired way of life.

This program will ignite you into soul inspired action releasing the full force of your power and as I guide you through it, tapping into the wisdom to create beautiful impactful dreams and relationships. Sharing your light and love in your own unique soul inspired way!

ENTRY REQUIREMENT: This program is not open to everyone. It is only for those who scored 55 and above on the evaluation at the beginning of this page. 
So if this is you and you are being called to step into your power, your courage, your inner wisdom at a deeper level, allow me to help yo
Let’s have a conversation first, whether we decide to work together or not you will receive divine guidance for your next steps.